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Whether you have just celebrated the winter solstice or the end of the Hajj season, or you’re celebrating Hanukkah, or you’re about to celebrate Christmas or Kwanzaa, or you view this time of year as a secular holiday filled with good old American over consumption of food, drink, and things, my wish for you is much happiness and joy.

The lights are up, the trees are decorated, the packages have finally been mailed, and my kids will (barring unforseen weather events) receive their boxes before the 12th day of Christmas.  The cards will be New Year’s cards this year.  I’m still awaiting delivery of one order, and there isn’t yet a cookie baked.  Sorry, Mom, I’ve never been able to live up to your standards on that one… a batch a day beginning the day after Thanksgiving.  We’ll settle this year for mostly bar cookies because they’re faster.  And I still have gifts to wrap and a house to clean.  But what doesn’t get done will be overcome by the sense of good cheer.

We will celebrate, more simply this year than in other years.  Some family members will travel to join us, while for others, phone calls will have to suffice.  We are blessed with a home while so many others have lost theirs.  We will be surrounded with family while others are alone.  We are blessed with more than enough food while so many others will go hungry.  We will be able to call absent loved ones, knowing they are safe, while others are far away from home and in danger.

But rather than seeing all the need as a downer, isn’t it also an opportunity for each of us to be that change we hoped for?  As we move towards a new administration, I’m inspired to plug in and see where I can meet some of that need.  I have time to give.  I know there is need.  I’m terrible about resolutions, but just this once, I’d like to remain resolute.  If the true meaning of Christmas was the gift of a child to show us how we should treat our fellow travelers on this speck of space dust, doesn’t that mean that each of us can pay that gift forward in our own small way?

Like many others, I was disheartened by the choice of Pastor Rick Warren to give the invocation at the inauguration.  But then I read a piece this evening by Melissa Etheridge.  As she says, the choice is ours.  Regardless of who we are or what we have, we have a choice on how we treat each other, how we treat our earth.  So, while I’ll be away for the rest of the year, I’ll also be thinking about the choices I can make to be that change we’ve been waiting for.

So, merry, merry, happy, happy.  See you at the turn of the new year. May these next days be filled with love and joy for each of you.  And may 2009 be the beginning of something new and wonderous.


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