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My Southern California town is snowbound this morning.  It’s unusual that we get snow here in the high desert, but yesterday it snowed all day long, and this morning we have 8-9″ of snow on the ground.  Since snow of any consequence is so rare here, few people really know how to drive on frozen roads, and road crews lack enough equipment to plow and sand more than a few major roads.  Schools are closed, as are many businesses and government offices.  The roads in and out of our valley are closed, so our LA Times delivery, mail and anything that comes in from “down below” as we call the LA basin is on hold.

Unfortunately, I still have to brave a trip to the mall and also to mail packages to my out-of-state kids.  And  this year I’m behind the curve on shopping and shipping anyway….   There are several reasons.  Thanksgiving was especially late, and I tend to wait until after that to focus on Christmas preparations.  Then, there were other personal priorities that took another 2 weeks out of an already shorter season.  So it wasn’t until this week that I actually started seriously looking at Christmas and shopping.  The things I’ve ordered online won’t arrive until the roads are opened.  And then they’ll need to be wrapped and sent along. So it’s looking like Santa will be arriving late this year.  Sorry, guys.  I goofed.  Or, you can look at it that you’ll be having an extended Christmas.  It all depends on your perspective.

Like many Americans, we’re cutting back on Christmas spending, recommending to our kids that they consider donations to our favorite charities as their gift to us.  There are so many worthy organizations and so much need.  We’re lucky.  The job is safe, we’re able to make our mortgage payment, the heat works, the power’s on, and we aren’t going hungry.  We have books to read — more than we’ll likely read in a lifetime — music to listen to, DVDs to watch,  and conversations to have with each other and with friends.  And the view from our window this morning is almost magical.  We went to a party last weekend where we were encouraged to bring gifts to exchange.  It seemed almost decadent to me to exchange tangible items with these people, all of whom are secure in their jobs.  Sure, our homes are worth far less than they were two years ago, and our retirement savings have taken a huge hit.  But we are so much more fortunate than so many others in our country and in our world!


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