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They made us do it

So, a CNN poll shows that the GOP favorability ratings have taken a hit in the aftermath of the debt ceiling debate. Somehow, in the twisted thinking of the RNC chair, that’s not the fault of GOP intransigence but rather the president’s fault. And Boehner is claiming that the S&P conclusion that their downgrade is due to the Dems’ unwillingness to pass the Medicare-killing Ryan budget. Even when the S&P specifically called out the GOP and the possibility that they will continue to insist that the Bush tax cuts be continued, regardless of their huge negative impact on the deficit. Say what?!?!

It reminds me of a friend’s young son, about age 4, immediately after the major earthquake that hit Southern California in February 1971. His mother went to check on him and his 6 year old brother, who shared a bedroom. The younger boy was sitting upright in bed, eyes as big as saucers. Pointing to his still-sleeping brother, he announced, “Guy did it!”


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